Green power control in paradise


位于英属维尔京群岛的热门蜜月目的地彼得岛最近看到了岛上发电控制系统的升级,从而可以更有效地自动控制风力发电机组四台柴油发电机组的运行。 该项目的完成也为未来的光伏安装奠定了必要的基础。 该项目由科迈为客户Peter Island Resort and Spa执行。

该项目分为两个阶段,第一阶段科迈对现有的柴油发电机组控制系统进行改造,以便自动控制发电机组运行,以便沿风力涡轮机提供负载。 主要目标是通过优化电源管理来降低负载储备。 由于科迈控制系统仅允许公交车上的一台发电机组稳定运行,因此风力发电机产生的能源年需求量的35%。

Phase one was completed within 13 days without single interruption of the power supply and established a solid base for phase two.

The objective of phase two was to ensure smooth operation of the gen-sets along the wind turbines offering the option of curtailing the wind turbine output in high wind speed occurrence, and lay groundword for the sites future extension by adding photovoltaic panels.

The project will provide number of benefits to the Peter Island, to name a few, it will ensure

  • data analysis regarding the output values of all components
  • highly efficient power supply from combination of the two sources of energy
  • optimized fuel consumption with reduced diesel fuel emissions
  • prevention of the wind turbine damage by its power output limitation when necessary
  • prevention of the gen-sets from underloading

Peter Island fragile environment should be protected and ComAp hybrid solution contributed to higher renewable energy generation while maintaining the required stability and high reliability.


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