Complex Power System for Nordea Bank


丹麦公司ATEK向位于哥本哈根Christiansbro的Nordea Bank提供由ComAp控制器控制的供电系统。 Nordea银行丹麦是丹麦第二大银行,其客户中有四分之一的丹麦公民。

Power is supplied by two different mains sources, located in two different buildings. One has two common mains feeders, the other has three. This system is backed up by three gensets, equipped with InteliSys NT controllers providing a total nominal power output of 3,300 kW. A sophisticated system of InteliMains NT controllers guarantees switching over to another mains feeder, should one of the feeders fail, by creating a closed circuit in one common system of two feeders in the second building. The whole system includes the following components: 3x InteliSys NT controllers, 5x InteliMains NT (MCB) and 6x InteliMains NT (BTB). For monitoring purposes, there is of course also an IG-IB, which secures remote control and monitoring of the whole site through the internet.


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