MV Aura专业深海电缆敷设船已进行翻新,以提高其执行安装海底可再生能源项目海底能源电缆的苛刻职责的能力。

Meriaura Ltd, MV Aura的所有者是一家芬兰航运公司,专门从事货运项目和运输工业散货和原材料。 为了支持可再生能源项目,MV Aura是其覆盖深水和浅水电缆敷设和挖沟能力的电缆敷设船队的一部分。 船上的系统配备了动态定位系统和两个额外的船首推进器,两个新的柴油发动机,甲板起重机以及可容纳多达36人的住宿区。

这艘现代化的环保型船舶设计用于全球运营,可用于各种任务,包括运输苛刻的项目货物,如海上风电场结构。 由于其部署地区包括波罗的海地区,该船还能够作为破冰船经营,为其提供全年履行职责的能力。 这种广泛的能力进一步加强为环保角色; MV Aura也能够在溢油应急活动中运作。 该船的主要引擎可以使用环保生物油作为燃料。

The scale of the refurbishment means that MV Aura has much greater demands for electricity than originally designed, so this area of the vessel was also significantly upgraded and Tapimec Oy (the official ComAp distributor in Finland) was pleased to be able to supply the system which powered it all.

Machinery Oy supplied three gen-sets in shipping containers, one switchboard container and one fuel container. In each gen-set container there is one 60L Cummins Marine diesel generator, a QSK60-D (with a power rating of 2095HP in Prime use) and one PI734G2 Stamford generator. Each container has a power output of 1800 kVA. In a normal situation, two gensets are running and the third is on stand-by. There is also a mode for load shedding.


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