Monitoring and Control with Added Safety and Automation on a Road Construction Truck


Jamieson发动机泵和动力委托ComAp Australia在集装车(aggi装载机)中安装控制系统。 aggi装载机是一种参与沥青制备过程的机器(澳大利亚大部分道路都是由此制成的)。 该机器设计用于从道路侧拾起骨料,将其装载到其翻斗车中并按尺寸对骨料进行分类。

Jamieson发动机泵和动力公司寻求科迈的协助,在aggi装载机上安装控制系统,使机器更易于操作,包括额外的安全和效率措施,并拥有自动化系统。 aggi装载机由一台主发动机通过Jamieson Engine Pump和Power安装的四台液压泵供电。 系统会记录序列,以及任何可能的警告和保护以用于以后的诊断。

ComAp used InteliDrive Mobile as a main interface in the control system and an InteliVision 8 display shows the operator various notifications such as process status, hydraulics, engine parameters, hydraulic circuit pressures, speed and product total. The application ensures ease of use for the operator, increased protection and safety measures, as well as controls which are now automated and located on one common interface.

“This was an unusual project for ComAp Australia, but our InteliDrive Mobile proved up to the task. It’s great to see that the operator using the machine is now a lot safer, considering he can see all data from the InteliVision 8 screen, without having to even leave the truck’s cab.”

Dave Wright, ComAp Australia


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