Emergency Backup Power System for Hvidovre Hospital


Hvidovre医院位于丹麦哥本哈根郊外。 该医院是丹麦最大的医院之一,每年接纳超过4万名患者。 它有35个不同的部门分布在30万平方米的土地上。 为医院复合体安装备用电源系统时,这构成了相当大的挑战。

The backup system included five FG Wilson diesel generators, all equipped with InteliSys NTC BaseBox controllers and InteliVision 8 displays for monitoring and control. Although the entire backup system was monitored from a control room using an InteliVision 17Touch, an InteliVision 5 display attached to each generator allowed for individual monitoring. In the event of a power outage, the ComAp system that was installed has the generators up and running within eight seconds, and on-load within 15 seconds. This ensures that any grid failure or interruption has minimal eff ect on the running of the hospital.

“ComAp displays are very user-friendly and show an overview of the entire site, making them suitable for any complex installation.”

Peter Aaby, Coromatic


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