Customised Control and Monitoring of a Backup Power System in a Critical Data Centre


随着超过7500万用户使用手机网络,需要不断的升级以满足不断增长的需求。 英国一家大型电信公司最近将其数据中心扩展到了伦敦郊区。 数据中心包含数据存储,电信机架和服务器以及UPS电源系统,可全天候运行。

Power & Control Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with IPU Group (the UK distributor for ComAp products), supplied the InteliVision 17Touch display to provide a control and monitoring solution for the new backup generator system. 

ComAp's InteliMonitor software allow the users to create multiple customised monitoring screens for the large InteliVision 17Touch display, allowing a complete solution for controlling and monitoring the switchgear and generator backup system from display. Access levels can also easily be configured, allowing password-protected access to individual ComAp controllers if required.

The flexibility of the ScreenEditor in InteliMonitor provides immediate access to all required metering, data, status and alarms from all the ComAp controllers via the CAN bus network.


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