Control system for office building complex in Switzerland


联邦建筑和物流办公室运行的电力供应给联邦卫生局和联邦食品安全办公室。 建筑物包含用于行政和实验室任务的工作空间。 Avesco已被要求改造现有的电力基础设施。

Avesco AG 代表瑞士和列支敦士登的Caterpillar。 Avesco的业务单位电力系统是紧急备用电源能力中心,UPS系统,CHP系统(瑞士制造),发电系统,包括服务和定制的工业引擎。

应用:公用电力供应由6座建筑物通过独立的中压变压器供电,所有建筑物通过一个LV母线连接在一起,后者由两台Volvo-Penta 250kVA发电机组提供。

The benefit: With the retrofit of the control system, the operator is now capable to detect and isolated fault conditions on each incoming feeder individually without affecting power supply of the other operational feeders. Another improvement for the building owners is that if there is a power failure then there is only one break in the power. When the mains come back on, the sets will synchronize with the mains and transfer the load back smoothly so that there are no transients. Group Breakers and Mains Breakers can now also be controlled individually in auto and manual mode.

The level of complexity in this project have made ComAp the right choice, due to lower engineering efforts and set up time compared to an PLC system. 


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